We are finally setting in our new house. It took us three months to move in, well with little kids that's quite an accomplishment. We still have lots of things to finish. I really enjoy decorating. Now that I have all those blank walls and floors to my imagination, I want to make more bold moves in therms of furnishings and decorating. The only thing is that I can't find everything I need in stores and ... that is a great idea to have my own store that will reflect my design taste.
As soon as I find my camera (somewhere in boxes) I will take some snaphots and post it here.
Till then ... have a wonderful day.


Hello my friends!
There will be a huge furniture sale. I have decided to sell some of my furniture since we had moved to a new house. Most furnishings comes from Bo Concept, Create & Barrel and West Elm, Target and Ikea, and are in very good condition. Those that know me well, are well aware that my house is clean and smoke free. I hope that you will find someting that you like at the bargain price. I will be posting for the next few days about it, so please stay tune.